[HVAC (Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning) Control]

The HVAC Control System aims to manage temperature/humidity of the whole building and PCL is in charge of operation in each section. PC sets target temperature/humidity necessary for running and integrates the command information of individual sections and reviews the status and resends the instruction. Printers are configured to write report daily and to print, and to make reaction velocity rapid by increasing PLC communication speed using TCP/IP.

[ Lighting Control ]

Lighting Control has a purpose of managing lighting of the whole building. The monitoring screen supervises the total 7 floors in general, and the each section is operated by the related floor.Users are able to control lighting at a time by putting every light in an office into a group basically based on individual lighting control. According to the schedule, it is programmed to operate ON/OFF automatically, and to reserve schedule. Several PLC is connected to a telecommunication line in parallel using 485 Link functions of PLC.

[ Remote Monitoring ]

The Remote Monitoring System plays a role to monitor and control the remote fields by using telephone or other networks unlike supervising inside the building. Similarly to monitoring in fields, it is possible to monitor the distant workplaces for 24 hours by exclusive lines. Public Lines, used by dialing in at the appointed hour, are appropriate for monitoring systems where measured values do not change suddenly and significantly.

[ Fermenter Control ]

The fermentation system moves repeatedly in several-hour or day cycles. The fermentation system works to perform the process of mixture, fermentation, storage automatically in order to ripen raw materials once an operation starts. And it is configured to set up running set points, required for each course, in computers and to perform PID control in each fermenter. Multi-ports are used to increase communication speed, which are more rapid than one port connected with RS-485.

[ Waterworks Treatment ]

The Waterworks Treatment system is to monitor and to process a series of courses such as precipitation, filtration, and chemical treatments, etc. to use raw water as water supply. It operates the unit control program for each process, and transfers managers monitored data printed out automatically by hour, day, and month.

[ Waste Water Treatment ]

Waste Water Treatment System automatically deals with a series of process such as sediment, chemical input, the first precipitation, aeration, the last precipitation, sludge thickening, disinfection, discharge, and monitors it. PC in each section monitors and controls the related areas, and one in master control supervises generally only necessary points through the PLCSCAN program. It is designed to monitor the process in both the relevant section and master control.

While PC in each area monitors and controls the related area, one in the master control selects just points necessary and integrately supervises them via PLCSCAN program. It is designed to monitor at the same time the field both in the relevant areas and the master control.

[ Waste Disposal ]

Waste Disposal Facilities are commonly applied fields of the HMI/MMI program.

This automatically treats the process such as waste input, incineration/compression, discharge, etc. and prints out report for the daily quantity of disposed waste and generating harmful gas.

The system is configured using internalized I/O board as a form of Card in computers and PLC connected to RS-422.

[ Process Monitor ]

Process monitor supervises and controls production lines or special treatment processes. They can apply to various process systems such as semiconductors, conveyors, paper processing, plating process, fermentation process, etc.

Managers receive diverse information collected concerning the judgement of the good/poor products or output by products and qualities of treatment classified by process following application configuration fit for each process.

[ Papermaking Process ]

Aims to supervise chemical measurements, mixture and supply in facilities for chemical preparation to treat the surface classified by paper usage in the process of paper making monitor.

While PLC is in charge of operation for each section, PC is generally responsible for running and settings. Data and result values are sent to manager as a form of report.

[ Computerization of Power ]

The purpose of this system is to manage efficiently energy through calculating cost analysis referring to estimated load analysis following acquiring rapid and exact data using electric load measurement, monitor and control of industrial settings.

The primary and secondary computers monitor the power at the same time, and therefore if the primary one does not work, the secondary will cover it.

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