Fermenter Control

The fermentation system moves repeatedly in several-hour or day cycles. The fermentation system works to perform the process of mixture, fermentation, storage automatically in order to ripen raw materials once an operation starts. And it is configured to set up running set points, required for each course, in computers and to perform PID control in each fermenter. Multi-ports are used to increase communication speed, which are more rapid than one port connected with RS-485.

Objectives Setting Screen

  • Operators need to input objectives required to run the fermentation system.
  • Individual controllers operate PID according to given set points.

Overall Fermentation Process Screen

  • Displays ether the overall fermentation process or general one.
  • Possile to monitor the entire fermentation process such as mixture, fermentation, storage to monitor the progress of work on a screen.

Fermentation Process Monitoring

  • This process is to ferment materials from mixers maintaining adequate temperature, PH, pressure.
  • After this, the stuff is moved to storage tanks.

Storage Tank Screen

  • Is to save materials completed the fermentation process,
  • which can be used in different processes, if necessary, after going through the mixture course.

Mixture Process

  • Is the process of mixing raw materials and water.
  • After blending, the mixture is transferred to the fermentation process.

Fermenter Manu Screen

  • Displays all fermenters in a workplace on a screen.
  • The process for each fermenter differs a little, and operates separately. Once press the affected fermenter, the screen is moved to the whole process of each fermenter.
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