Computerization of Power

The purpose of this system is to manage efficiently energy through calculating cost analysis referring to estimated load analysis following acquiring rapid and exact data using electric load measurement, monitor and control of industrial settings.

The primary and secondary computers monitor the power at the same time, and therefore if the primary one does not work, the secondary will cover it.

Medium Voltage Switchgear Screen

  • Possible to recognize all of the data like the peak electric power generated in medium voltage switchgears.
  • Helps to monitor the electric power by displaying voltage/ electric currents, power factor, frequency, power on R.S.T.

Demand Control

  • Provides basically demand control necessary for power monitor.
  • Shuts off/Controls automatically the power to use it below the objective values on graph made by 15 minute unit.   

Comparison Screen by Power

  • Able to compare and analyze where the most power is used in comparison with power generated in all equipment.

Protective Relay Screen

  • Shows easily which part of the protective relay worked.

Report Screen

  • Owing to compare the maximum power by hours, the most important thing, this screen can suggest methods to lower the peak power.

Data Sheet Screen

  • Can compare and analyze data of all the stations where instruments are installed.
  • Easy to do analysis of each floor due to indicate entire floors.
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