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AUTOBASE, developed software based on OS, Windows, is an automation development tool applicable to monitor/control of all automation fields. 
Autobase, installed in computers connected to automation equipment (PLC/Controller) on the field, monitors and controls measured values/set points, and the state of different machinery.
Including not only basic functions for monitor / control, but also all features in need of automation, an AUTOBASE product is enough at any automation fields, 
  • Automation development tools practicable in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
  • Field monitor with realistic animation graphic objects (Provides anmiation library)
  • A computer installed a package : PLC(Controller) 1:1~256 Possible to connect.
  • Shares mutual data communicating completely with all Autobase programs connected to the local network or the internet.
  • A computer installed a package : PLC(Controller) 1:1~256 Possible to connect
    (Acceptable structurally for 4 Giga tags. Recommended 2 hundred thousand tags and below.)  
  • Simply available to monitor/control the field using the web server on the internet.
  • Support different communication methods.
    (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, GP-IB, Internal Card, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DDE, OPC, ODBC,OLEDB, USB, etc.)
  • Can build the Distributed Control System (DCS) simply, once a network is created into each computer.
  • Real time and Historical Multi trend functions.
  • A variety of development tools included (graphic, report editor, animation, tag editor, communication editor, picture library)
  • C/C++ script language support (each script for each object provided)
  • Able to share data with external data by using ODBC/OLEDB.
  • A variety of Control Block(Demand Control, Annual Schedule Demand Control, etc.)