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:: Autobase Basic Training
  1st day 2nd day
1st class(10:00~10:50) Autobase introduction and outlines / program structure 
Autobase setup and configuration
Edit Programs(4)
- Component Insertion (Module Edit)
2nd class(11:00~11:50)

communication program settings
- Device setup, Protocol settings, and Data Memory Mapping

Scritp Writing
3rd class(13:00~13:50)

edit programs(1) - Module Screen Edit

Other Editing Program instructions(1)
- Report, Animation, and Graphic Edit
4th class(14:00~14:50)

Edit Programs(2) - Tag Edit

Instruction for other editing programs (2)
- Excel Report Writing and Web Server Introduction
5th class(15:00~15:50) Edit Programs(3) - Tag property setup Web Server Settings and Configuration

:: Autobase Intermediate Training
  1st day

2nd day

3rd day

1st class
Autobase introduction and outlines
Program Structure
External Program Connection
Script Writing (2)
- Extended Script
Database Configuration(3)
- Configuration using ODBC
2nd class
Network Configuration (1)
- Server/Client configuration
Script Application Database Configuration(3)
- Configuration using ODBC and MDAC
3rd class
Network Configuration (2)
- Multi Server configuration
Graphic Module Application Web Server Settings(1)
- Web Server/Client Setup
- Web Edit Programs Configuration
4th class
Network Configuration (3)
- Area Server configuration
Database Configuration(1)
- Configuration using ODBC
Web Server Settings(2)
- Web/Local Server Connection Setup
5th class
Script Writing (1) Database Configuration(2)
- Configuration using ODBC
Web Server Application

:: Autobase Seminar


1st class
Autobase HMI Software Introductions and outlines.
- Autobase Software Contents/ Features / Functions / Application Range
Autobase HMI Practices
- Program installation / Creating new work / Commuincation programs setup
- Editor use (Creating tags, Screen configuration,and Script writing) / Report use / Alarming (Line printers and SMS)
3rd class(15:00~15:50) Autobase Project Exmaples
- Process flow chart arrangement / I/O calculation and PLC selection / Input and output tag calculation
- Creating communication programs / Editors(Making tags and Screen configuration)/ Report writing

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