AutoBase 10, developed software based on OS, Windows, is an automation development tools, applicable to monitor and control all automation fields.

Autobase 10, installed in computers connected to automation equipment (PLC/Controller) on the field, monitors and controls measured values/set points, and the state of different machinery. 

In addition to the basic monitor/control, all functions necessary for automation are included, and therefore only an Autobase product can be a solution at any automation fields.


Suchewha - Picture Editor

The Graphic Editor, bit-map editor, has an easy instruction and merit of a variety of work tools. It was acknowledged concerning technological expertise that worked the first Korean 24 bit graphic and vector font, and therefore Suchewha won the silver prize in The Korean Software Competition, 1992.

Manmulsang - Integrated File Management

Manmulsang, an integrated file management program for DOS, recognizes most files such as picture, sound, music, text, and executable file, etc. by itself and so manages easily many files like file view to let files see, sound, and run as original features, file management (copy, delete, and move, etc), Directory Management(create, delete), Disk Management, Compressed file Management, etc.

Gerimjabi - Screen Capture

Picture Capture, Ram-resident program for DOS, is a screen capture program which saves running graphic screen automatically as a picture file by pressing specific keys.

HANSOL Typing – For Typing Training

HANSOL Typing is a typing courseware software program for DOS to practice Korean and English keyboard easily. It is organized systematically to exercise basic keyboards, simple or long sentences, and words with game patterns, etc. and to provide results with graphic to facilitate to understand them simply.

Parking Control Software

Parking Control Software for DOS has functions necessary for mechanical parking facilities such like auto parking, management of in/out of parking lots and parking fee, etc.

SMS Web Service

Autobase SMS(Short Message Service) Web Service sends a simple message to users of wireless mobile devices such as PCS, Cellular Phone, and PDA via wireless mobile communication networks in computers connected to the internet.

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