Experts going ahead the flow
Autobase, INC. with a strong faith for the best technology expertise is a professional commercialware development company such as Autobase(Human Machine Interface Software), Suchewha (Graphic Editor), Manmulsang (File Editor), and HANSOL Typing, etc.

Leaders in domestic automation software fields.
Autobase SCADA, developed by Autobase technicians, made the high independence for domestic automation systems having relied on foreign technologies for a long time. Also now it as more advanced integrated automation solution monitors and controls industrial fields, buildings and infrastructures all over the world

The Company taking the lead of future society.
Autobase,Inc. developed Autobase Web Server based on Microsoft.Net, next generation programming language, to build automation system environment, being networking variously, appropriately and stably in favor of users for the future.

"It is so useless unless technology supports 
                                    human behavior patterns or advances quality"
Autobase Web Server as innovative software allows users to monitor / control remote fields anytime and anywhere using internet, and will lead the next generation for automation systems.

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CEO  Do Yul Kim

Foundation  April 30, 1991

Items  Remote Control System, Software Development, Etc.(Development and Sales for Autobase, automation software, internal and oversea)

Headquarter 1201, Biz Center,  SKnTechnopark, 124, Sagimakgol-ro,
Jungwon-gu, Seongnam Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Rep of KOREA Tel:+82.31.776.0800