Autobase Web Server applied the world’s first Microsoft.Net, the next generation programming language to Automation Software (HMI/MMI Software) fields.

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  • Autobase Web Server makes it possible to control and monitor the status being supervised in automation fields on the internet/intranet.
  • Autobase Users are able to monitor and control the fields anytime or anyhwhere by accessing the Internet Web Brower.
  • It is easy to manage servers owing to the configuration that helps all works and Autobase Web Sever Programs upgrade by only copying simple files.
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Easy Connection Clients connecting to servers and using the internet browser can monitor and control the workshops without installing additional programs anytime, anywhere.  
Reuse Autobase Versions eliminate the need to create new HTML files, and help operators configure easily web server due to use the existing project used in local computers.  
Simple Server Configuration In case of configuring web servers independently, systems are more stable due to operate web servers by means of only IIS server without the assistance of other programs. (Possible to run web servers without logging in to window. The local server is required to operate in the event that a local server and a web server are configured in a system.)  
Several sites configured by users Users’ licenses can be shared in a sizable system in case of a system servers are divided into several things possible to integrate, build, and manage fields with one server.  
Both Server Static and Dynamic IP available Basically, it is desirable to use the leased lines, and lines using ADSL Dynamic IP, ADSL static IP, and internet sharers, etc. are available for servers. (* Specialized management companies are required for ADSL Dynamic IP. In the event of that, stability may decrease a little.)  
Flexibly dealing with firewall Autobase Web Server communicating with only http port is able to securely get access to web server wherever internet browsers can be used as well as to flexibly cope with firewall.  
Server Security This can manage users’ levels with rights given in detail. All users are required to log on to get access to servers which possibly prevent anonymous users from approaching server.  
Easy to manage server version Users can upgrade web servers by only copying simple files due to all of the client programs configured with Mobile Code (a running file downloaded from web) and use new versions just logging on again to the upgraded servers.  
Multiple versions available Each site can use web server versions differently in case of operating several sites with connecting some systems on the network to a web server. This means that users do not have to take compatibility with other sites into account while building or upgrading new sites.  
Chances for the evolution of web server Autobase Web Server deals with your needs rapidly and develops new versions choosing Microsoft .Net framework Mobile Code running mode in stead of existing ActiveX setup mode.