BS-4200A/4220A Communication Driver


BS-4200A/4220A Communication Driver is the driver to communicate with BS-4200A/4220A load cell controller of BongSin Co., Ltd. in Korea.


1. Read settings


<Figure 1> is read setting example of BS-4200A/4220A communication driver.

<Figure 1>  Read setting example of BS-4200A/4220A communication driver

Device part of  <Figure 1> input Com Port(COM1), Baud Rate(9600), Parity Bit(0), Data Bit(8), Stop Bit(1) respectively.


BS-4200A/4220A communication driverí»s read schedule

Read schedule setting parameters are as follows:

1) STATION – Don't care.

2) Read command – Don't care.

3) Read start address –Don't care.

4) Save start address for Communication Server – Saving start address of Communication Server.

5) Read Size – Size = Fix to 1.


Read schedule example)

READ,     0,    0,     0,    0,   1,


BS-4200A/4220A controller can set baud rate 600 ~ 9600bps by using function key 8.( 45 option number, 4=9600 bps, 5 = present value, peak value, total communication mode )

<Table 1> is a description of store values of BS-4200A/4220A communication driver. 

Store Values(FLOAT memory)
present weight
peak value(weight)
Total weight
<Table 1> Store values of BS-4200A/4220A communication driver

Note) BS-4200A/4220A communication driver save readed data to 'FLOAT' memory 0 ~ 2 address.


2. Writing settings

BS-4200A/4220A communication driver don't support write settings.(read only controller)