BL-2300 communication driver


BL-2300 is the driver to communicate with gas monitoring controller.


1. Read settings


Baud rate, parity bit, data bit, stop bit of BL-2300 controller( CPU = Z-80 ) are fixed to 4800, 1, 7, 1.

Word memory size of BL-2300 communication driver should be set higher than or equal to 2300.


BL-2300 communication driverí»s read schedule

 BL-2300 communication driver's read schedule input 'READ' one line.


Read schedule example)



BL-2300 controller needs initalization whenever 'ON'.

The 'initalization file' Placing at SCAN folder.


2. Write settings

Refer to user's manula of BL-2300 controller for more information of 'write setting'.